Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A Happy Little Accident!

Now I am aware that there is not much that is brand new in the way of crafting techniques, but this is a new one on me! It all happened when I wanted to glaze a stamped image to look like a tile, and was too lazy to go and find my Versamark ink pad, so I used spray adhesive instead!  The result looked just as though the image had water sitting on top of it.  So today I spent a happy morning in my craft room playing around with various embossing powders, stamps and inks.  Here are the results.  I have tried to get some really close up pictures, so in some shots you cant see the entire stamped image.

Firstly a piece of black card, covered with Versamark ink, clear UT (ultra thick embossing powder, if you haven't come across this it is larger grains that give a thicker coverage, think granulated sugar rather than icing!) This is obviously this is the traditional way to glaze with embossing powder.

Heated from the top, one coat of Crafty Notions diamond clear  UT. Nice and shiny but nothing out of the ordinary!

This one is the same card stock, but sprayed with Crafters Companion Stick and Spray, same UT applied and heated from the top.  It appears that the more heavy handed you are with the spray adhesive the bigger the "droplets" are, as you will see. I put quite a lot of adhesive on this one.
I also put a bit of gold gilding creams over the top of this

Then I moved onto a stamped image which I coloured in with Pro-Markers, and gave a lighter spray of adhesive before applying the UT, as you can see from the close up the droplets are much smaller.

I was really pleased with the result here, it genuinely does look like water sitting on top of the image.

Flushed with success, I thought I'd have another go and see what happened with a finer embossing powder, so out came the stamp, ink and pro-markers again, and this time I used a Wow sparkling crystal embossing powder, the effect was very pretty but not so pronounced.

My final experiment was to use the spray adhesive on white card and apply clear UT, again I heated from the top and then when it had cooled  I applied a distress ink over the whole thing, then wiped over it with a tissue, so the ink only coloured the exposed card and not the embossed areas, (I mention the cooling down thing because this is the second of my efforts, I forgot that UT takes longer to cool down than normal embossing!).

This is a close up of the last image. I really enjoyed playing around with this technique, and hope you like what you've seen, and perhaps you will have a go at this sometime.
I haven't tried the technique with other spray adhesives, but I can't see any reason why they shouldn't work just as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, and, until next time, Happy Crafting.


  1. You have been busy! The effects look great! I especially like the first flower and the last one. Very effective!

  2. Always good to experiment Moira, you never know what will happen, they all look great, love the 1st one lovely effect.
    Chris x

  3. I love this!!! Going to play soon... what smashing results!
    Thanks Moira.
    Eileen xxx

  4. very interesting Moira , really like the rained-on flower

  5. Very clever, never seen that done before but the effect is great ... playtime tomorrow then, ... thanks for the tip, Moira xx

  6. what a lovely effect Moira, it's given me an idea for a picture I want to do :-)