Monday, 2 June 2014

Ribbons for a new baby.

Originally this card was intended to be done at our DivaRed workshop on Saturday, but I don't think we would have had time to finish it, so I thought I'd blog it instead. It is really all about the background, the topper is stamped and coloured in with Promarkers, I used HobbyArt baby stamp because I like it, but any square (ish) stamp will do.
You will need the Clarity Blending mat with the wavy edge, a ruler with a wavy edge, or a very steady hand!

  • Cut a piece of white card 7x7 inches
  • Using the wavy edge of the blending mat to guide you,  and a black pen (use a permanent ink pen not a biro as the biro ink smudges) draw a nice wavy line across the top of the card
  • Turn your card 180 degrees (do NOT turn your mat) you should now be able to position the blending mat so that you can draw a second wavy line that crosses the first, thereby making the two lines look like a twisted ribbon
  • Repeat this again so that you have two ribbons running along the top of the card.
  • Now draw two ribbons at the bottom of the piece of card, and then two down each side
  • At this point your card won't look very promising, but keep the faith.
  • Colour in the various twists in the ribbon using two toning coloured pencils, to get the colour variation I did a very soft application of the lightest colour, then flicked the colour in from the edge of the twist, then blended by going over it again with the lightest took a while which is why I abandoned it for the workshop, originally I was going to do the ribbons all the same, but my love of colour got the better of me!
  • As I said the topper was simply stamped with a Memento ink pad and coloured in with Promarkers, with just a tiny bit of shading round the edges.
  • I mounted up both pieces of artwork, stamped a sentiment and stuck it all together onto  a 8x8 white card.

I really enjoyed making this card, I love colouring in with pencils, and the afternoon just flew by.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this blog, hope you like the card, please leave a comment if you wish, I read them all.