Wednesday, 10 July 2013

July Workshop Cards

Thought I'd have a bit of a blog as the sun has vanished again this morning, spent yesterday sitting in the garden with my knitting - all I needed was the guillotine!

Anyhow we had a really fun day on Saturday (6th), as always lots of laughs, and at the end of the day some pretty good cards. So this is what we got up to:

This was my first card of the morning, the idea was to ease in gently. These instructions are for a black card, but obviously it can be done in any colour.
Its a fun card to make, and only has one fiddly bit to it.

You will need:
A 6x6 inch square card cut down to 5.75 inches in black.
A 5.50 inch square of the same black card.
A 5.25 inch square of the same black card.
Some Fantasy Film (I used pearl gold)
A black flower peel-off (I used a Francoise Read one).
A flower stamp that goes with the peel-off  (I used Barbara Gray's Allium)
Embossing powder (I used Cosmic Shimmer Bronze Lustre)
Glitter that tones with the embossing powder.
Versamark ink pad, and wet glue (Jones Tones, Anita's Hi Tack, any of the usual suspects will do).

And this is how you do it:

  • Fuse together three pieces of the film that are large enough to stick the peel-off onto. (If you don't know how to use fusible film, U-tube has lots of videos on it, or you are welcome to Facebook me)
  • Stick the peel-off onto the fused film and trim around the edge.
  • Now for the fiddly bit! You need to fill in the flower with the bits from your peel-off sheet, I used a pair of tweezers for this, and I promise that it does get easier as you go on. Once you have done this you should have a solid black flower on the film background.
  • Stick the film in place onto the smaller of the two squares of black card, making sure that you only put the glue on the areas that are covered by the black flowers, otherwise it will show through. Your pink film will now appear bronze!
  • Stamp and emboss the alliums around the film circle, make sure that you keep the heat away from the film as it will overheat and either crinkle up or go dull. Once the embossing has cooled add glitter as appropriate.
  • Squidge versamark ink round the edge of the larger piece of black card, and emboss with the same powder so that you have a perfect match for your layering.
  • Stick all the layers together and admire your work!

This was my second contribution to the day. I originally did this with laminated flowers (last months blog for Sundae club) and I "borrowed" the idea from a lady from Sheena Douglass's design team, unfortunately I don't think they gave her name out on the TV or I would put a link on for her.  This is a larger version of the one I did last month, and with the benefit of hind sight I think it would look better with just one shape of flower.

So you will need:
8 x 8 card, and card for matting and layering.
Decorative corner punch.
Odd bits of papers in various colours and patterns.
Circle die, or something round to give you a circle shape.
Sentiment stamp (I used one of Barbara Gray's)
Flowers stamps (I used Sheena Douglass's fantasy flowers)
Gems, Embossing powder, Black ink pad, Glue.

  • Firstly stamp and cut out lots of flowers in various sizes and onto various coloured and patterned papers (really good for using up your bits!) There is a lot of cutting out so easy shapes would be way to go I think.
  • I used an 8 x 8 card and matted and layered in quarter inch increments.
  • Punch out each corner of the top layer with a decorative punch, and stick all the layers onto the card.
  • Cut a circle from the same cardstock (I used the largest of the Spellbinders standard circle dies) and stamp and emboss the verse onto the middle of the circle.
  • Stick the verse onto your card, then arrange the flowers around the circle. I curled the petals of some of mine to give them a bit more dimension, and used 3d foam on some for height. Decorate the centres of the flowers with gems, and put a few gems in the corners and you are done.

Well those were my two cards, but these next two are my take on the ones Janet demonstrated, you will find her original ideas on her blog  Cards, Cats and Coffee. in a day or two.

This isn't a very good photo, the colours haven't come out very well, but I thought this would be a really nice wedding card.

Janet's original was done with Barbara Gray's hollyhock stamp, but I did mine with Sheena's fantasy flowers again. (One of my favourite stamp sets!) I also added some sparkly embossing to the background.Do go to Janet's blog and have a look, there are some lovely cards on there.

Thank you all for taking the time to have a look at this blog, please feel free to comment if you wish, at the moment I have left the comment security open to anyone, and I will leave it like that unless it is being abused.  
I'm off now to see how many mole hills have appeared whilst I have been writing this!
The sun is set to return tomorrow, so enjoy!