Monday, 15 April 2013

DivaRed Craft Club on Sunday

We had a full house at our monthly Sunday craft club meeting yesterday, and amid lots of laughs, coffee, tea and cakes, we managed to make a couple of cards!

This was my effort.  I saw Kay Rutter demo the basic design on Create and Craft, and I adapted it a bit. You can make the base as wide as you wish, just by increasing the width of the card you use, Kays original measurement was 9 x 4 inches, I used a piece of card 10 x 4 inches. If you want full instructions with pictures, you will find them in "Everyone needs a Hougie" book 3, this is my potted version, you don't have to have a Hougie, but I must admit it is much easier if you use one! I have pinched Janet's bullet point idea for the instructions, hope she doesn't mind!!!

  • Scoring: Score at 2 inches  lengthwise, and at 2 inches on each of the short edges.
  • On the long edge of the card, make a tiny mark at 3.5 inches from each edge at the top and bottom of the card.
  • On the central score line, measure 1/2 inch inwards from where your horizontal and vertical score lines cross and make a tiny mark. Repeat this on the other edge.
  • Score from the mark on the centre score line to the mark on the bottom edge of the card, and then from the centre score line to the mark on the top of the card. You should now have score lines that look like a letter K. Repeat this on the other edge.
  • Decorate your base however you wish. I used Sea Bubbles from Designs by Ryn, and I stamped them randomly in various pinks and blues and a bit of silver. I then coloured in the bubbles with white gel pen and chalked round the edges.
  • Folding: with the decorated side down, fold along the central long score line, open   the card up again and still with the decorated side down, fold  up at the 2 inch score lines on the short edge.
  • Turn the work over so the decorated side is uppermost, carefully fold the score lines that run from the centre to the edge of the card. 
  • You need to fold the card in half along the long score line whilst gently pushing the edges inwards, and it should all pop into place.
  • For the main image I used the largest of the standard circle Nesties, and matted it onto the largest scalloped circle. I stamped the branch and coloured in the leaves then the flowers were stamped with grey Memento and embossed with clear embossing powder, then painted with Cosmic Shimmer and H2O's, cut out and stuck on. Again the edges were stamped with the sea bubbles and chalked. Then the circles were stuck in place on the base.

We did think that the base would make a fantastic place name for a wedding, lot of scoring and folding though!

Janet did her lovely butterfly pan pastel card, which I love,  for the instructions, click on her name to link to her blog. But this is my interpretation.

There was a certain amount of concern expressed from the ladies that I went all girly and pink, very unlike me, but never fear normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!


  1. beautiful cards Moira very pretty xx

    1. Thank you for all your support and lovely comments Linda.

  2. It was a good day and we all made some lovely cards. There was certainly some concern about the subtly of your cards, but I know that means the next one will have uber-bling!!

  3. I'm working on it as we speak Janet..... now where did I put that neon yellow gel pen??

  4. looks great now it is finished - but neon is SO passe these days.....................

  5. lovely cards Moira, but did i spot some glitter on the second card....? lol

  6. You certainly did Yvette. I used glitter card on the filigree butterfly wings, it was a bit more difficult to die cut, but I do like the effect.